About Us

The Founder

Stefan Stumpfl founded FoodFacts in 2024, blending his technological expertise with a profound passion for food to create a platform that enables informed dietary choices. Motivated by his personal quest to uncover healthy, fulfilling food options, Stefan has applied innovative technology to make complex food data accessible and user-friendly. Under his direction, FoodFacts is dedicated to delivering accurate and engaging food insights, empowering people globally to make educated decisions about their diet.

Thanks for checking out FoodFacts! If you have any questions, email me, find me on LinkedIn or add me on Twitter.

A photo of the founder, Stefan Stumpfl.
An image representing the FoodFacts team.

The Team

FoodFacts works closely with industry experts in nutrition, veterinary science, and food safety to ensure our content is accurate and trustworthy. This collaboration allows us to provide scientifically-backed food insights, helping users worldwide to make informed dietary choices without giving up their passion for good food.


For questions or more information, please contact us.