A dog with a curious expression looking at baked potato skins, indicating moderate safety for dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Baked Potato Skins?

Dogs can eat baked potato skins, but it's generally not recommended. While the skins themselves aren't toxic, they can cause digestive issues because they're tough to digest. Always remove any green parts or sprouts, which are hazardous due to a toxin called solanine.

A photo of Stefan Stumpfl, the co-author of this article.

By Stefan Stumpfl, in collaboration with Dr. Ali Raza.

Updated on Jun 24, 2024

Did You Know?

Potato skins in large amounts can be hard for dogs to digest and may lead to gastrointestinal upset.

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Benefits and Risks of Baked Potato Skins?

Baked potato skins contain fiber, vitamins, and minerals, which can be beneficial. However, they also carry risks: indigestibility, potential choking hazards, and possible toxic compounds if not properly prepared. Moderation is key to balancing benefits and risks.

How Many Baked Potato Skins Can Dogs Eat?

Feeding your dog a small amount, like a piece no larger than your thumb, is usually safe. Larger dogs can handle slightly more, but keep it as an occasional treat. Always ensure the skins are devoid of harmful seasonings or any green areas.

Common Misconceptions

Some believe that potato skins are a good source of fiber for dogs. While there is some truth, the tough texture and potential toxins make them less ideal. It's not the miraculous health booster some claim it to be.

What If Your Dog Reacts Badly to Baked Potato Skins?

If your dog shows signs of distress such as vomiting, diarrhea, or lethargy, contact your vet immediately. Keep an eye on them and avoid giving them more potato skins in the future.

What are Healthy Alternatives?

Consider safer, healthier treats that offer similar nutritional benefits without the risks:

  • Carrot sticks: Low-calorie and excellent for dental health.
  • Apple slices: Provide fiber and vitamins, but remove the seeds.
  • Plain, cooked pumpkin: Great for digestion and low in calories.


Baked potato skins can be fed in small amounts, but they come with risks. Moderation and vigilance are crucial. Always monitor your dog's reaction and consult your vet, especially if your dog has specific dietary needs.